May 27, 2009

Amazing May

It's been a while since I lasted posted but that's because I've been having a great vacation in Utah with my family. The computer has crashed again so this will be a picture less blog until we get a new tower. Right now we have Skip's laptop but it's super slow and I don't want to overload the poor thing with all of our pictures from Utah.

The kids and I had such a fun filled trip...

*Eric got to be Grammy and Poppa's right- hand man when it came to gardening. and I loved being able to help Mom plant plants. (Can't wait till I have my own garden!)

*We went to Gardner's Village and believe it or not I managed to walk out of Pine Needles- my all time favorite quilt shop- without any fabric! What is wrong with me!!!

* Had a late night girls trip to Wendover to celebrate Ashley's 21st birthday.

*Ashley, Mom the kids and I went to the Children's Discovery Museum at Gateway. That place is really fun!

*We went to Temple Square and got lots of pictures among all the beautiful flowers.

*I went on a half day trip with Eva and Ashley to Park City. Had a great time walking around all the shops and "jumping" with Ash. Lot's of laughing!

*I got to go with Mom and Faye to look at dresses. And lucky me was there when she found the perfect dress.

*Took Eric and Lily to meet up with Tabby and Debby (Skip's mom and sis) at Dinosaur Park and the Tree House Museum. Lot's of fun! The kids loved their new cousin " Baby Ryker"

*Dad took the kids and I to Hill Air Force Base Museum. Couldn't really tell who loved it more- Eric or Dad getting to show Eric all the airplanes. It was really fun watching the two of them together.

*We went to This is the Place Monument- Heritage Park. Eric and Lily got to ride the horses. Well Lily jumped off into my arms as soon as the horse started to move. Then she wouldn't even sit on the horse long enough to let me get a picture.

*Got to go and do some water aerobics with Mom- seriously love those classes!

* Went to the movies with Eva and Ashley- plus stayed up late watching movies with them.

*Had a movie/hair dying party with Eva and Ash.

*Went to the Zoo with Eva and the kids.

*Got to go to the Temple with Mom and Dad- realized the last time I went on a session with Mom and Dad was before they dropped me off at the MTC! Forever ago!

It was such a fun time! I'm sure I forget something fun that we did- but this trip seemed to fly by way to quickly. I love spending time with my family! They are the best! Only 6 more months till I get to see them again... LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!