April 22, 2009

Come What May...

I still havn't figured out how to post a video on my blog. I've tried many times and have even had Aunt Annette tell me how to do it but I still can't get it.. so hopefully I can at least give you the link to an awesome video. It's Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, called Come What May and Love It.


April 13, 2009

Happy Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter this year! Eric and Lily woke us up at their usual 7am. Eric loves to come in and put his face right next to mine and say Wake Up Mom! It took Eric very little time to find their Easter baskets on the table. We took our time watching the kids dig through their baskets and then had breakfast. I hurried and got ready for church so we would have plenty of time for pictures before church but of course the kids didn't want to cooperate for pictures. As soon as I would get them next to each other one would take of (Lily liked to scream as she would run away) or one would turn their head just as the picture took. So I only got one picture of the two of them looking the same way!

Eric is quite the stud and loves having his picture taken. He was quite proud of his new tie and church outfit.

Lily was being a stinker and I had to chase her around trying to get a picture of her in her adorable Easter outfit.

After Church we went over to our friend's house- the Gourley's. We had a wonderful and very yummy dinner with the Gourley's Wilson's and Buhler's. After dinner we had an Easter egg hunt. Eric was really fast and had his quota in a couple of minutes, so we had to keep telling him to give eggs to the other kids.

Lily got the hang of it really fast and loved finding the eggs. She was really cute caring her basket around.

It was a really fun day. It's wonderful having close friends to spend holiday's with when Family is so far away!

(It just goes to show how hard it is to get everyone looking at the camera at the same time!)
Happy Easter!

April 7, 2009

Air Boats and Alligators

Skip's birthday was on Monday so as his surprise present I found a place that does Air Boat rides in the Everglades. We've been talking about doing this since we got here so I decided it was time to do it. It was really alot of fun. It was kinda scary being so close to the water with HUGE alligators not far away. There was a HUGE one right next to the boat when we were getting into it- and the guys kept saying be really careful getting into the boat!

It didn't help that Eric wanted to sit on the step right at the edge of the boat. He wasn't very happy with me that I made him sit on my lap for the ride. He did however really enjoy wearing the life vest.

After the air boat ride we got to walk around the park and look at all the different alligators. At one point the wood in the walkway was rotting and didn't feel very sturdy...not fun when you look down and this is what you see...

It was alot of fun. Lily loved being snuggled up to Skip the whole boat ride. They gave us toilet paper to stick in our ears because the fan was so loud- and of course Lily didn't want anything in her ears so Skip had one side of her head pressed up against his chest and his hand covering her other ear.

And of course being an alligator park there was an alligator they let people hold(for $3) We were just standing there looking and Eric slowly started getting closer so the guy bent down to let Eric touch it and before we knew it Eric was holding it. I was trying to get a picture of his face- it was a mix between wonder and terror but his hat was pulled down to far. But he did it- he held an alligator!

It was a great day! Happy Birthday Skip!

Whats Up with Eric

Eric is now a soccer player. He is in a program called Soccer Tots. He loves to run around and kick the ball into the goal. Last week every time he made a goal he would run over to me, tell me "I did it Mom!" and throw himself in my arms for a hug before he went to make another goal.

He loves being able to just run and run and run!

In Preschool last week they had an Easter egg hunt. Each kid had to find 6 eggs with their name on it. Eric got so excited each time we found his name!

Eric is so awesome! He makes me smile everyday!

April 6, 2009

Future Seamstress?

I've been making a quilt with my friend Erica on Tues and Thurs as soon as I drop Eric off at school. Lily likes to play with all the scraps and one day when she was getting tired she laid right down on top of the pile. If we needed any fabric that was under her we had to roll her over while she giggled. she thought it was really cool to be covered with all the fabric.

The first place Lily runs to when she sees my bedroom door open is my sewing table. She was standing there looking at my sewing machine while I was at the ironing board and next thing I know I look over to see this...

Guess she really has been paying attention while she sits on my lap when I'm sewing! Can't wait to start doing projects with her!

Time Out for Mommy

Some great gals to hang out with! It was really wonderful to escape home for a day to hang out in Orlando at Time Out for Women. Seriously I think I could've used a longer time out!

Love you Ladies!!!