September 19, 2012

Self Shots

I think Lily is a teenager stuck in a 4 year old's body...anytime she gets ahold of my camera this is what I find...
My personal favorite...

Thank Goodness for Sprinklers

My kids LOVE water! They could spend all day at the pool and most summers they do. But this summer they had a big ol' preggo Mom who was too tired to do much and didn't have the energy to chase Evie around. Luckily there were sprinkler and the kids played in them from the moment they went on unill they turned off.
Hopefully next summer will be spent next to a pool

New School Year

This guy is growing up to fast. First day of school and he woudld'nt let me walk him to the door of his classroom...
First Day of 2nd grade... Awesome + Amazing!