May 28, 2010

Still Fits

I was cleaning out the kids closet and came across some baby clothes...Lily decided to have a little fashion show...First up- one of Eric's shirts (she loves to wear Eric's clothes- drives me nuts some days when I can't get her to change before we have to leave the house)Next sweats size 12m and a baby boys jacket size 12mAnd I think one of my personal favorites...size 9m baby pj's. Lily always provides a good laugh!!!
And to add to all the dressing up- I got her a bike and bike helmet yesterday...she wouldn't take the helmet off for most of the day...

May 20, 2010

Long Lovely Locks are Gone...

Eric told me this morning that he needed a haircut so of course Lily said she did too. Lily's hair has gotten quite long (middle of her back)but she never lets me brush it or do anything with it. I didn't think that when the time came she would really want it cut but she did. I let her pick out her own haircut and she ended up with a cute little bob. This was her first haircut ever and she took it like a pro. She chatted away with the hair stylist and giggled when her hair was blown dry. When she was all done she said it looked fabulous and she couldn't wait to show her Daddy.
Eric kept saying how handsome he looked as the lady cut his hair. It was really cute to see all the faces he was making in the mirror. Haircuts always make me a little sad- becuase the kids always look so much older afterwards.

May 14, 2010

A Wonderful Mother's Day

Mother's day was great. Skip had taken the kids on Sat to get me some presents while Ash and I went to the movies. When Ash and I got home there were 2 dozen roses. Eric was quick to tell me that they were for me for Mother's Day but that today was not Mother's Day and I couldn't have them till tomorrow.At church when the kids when up to sing Eric made sure to wave to me at least 4 times while he was up there. I sure love these little kids of mine! What a lucky Mom I am!

Good Times!!!

Usually when it comes to surprising family I'm the one surprising- but I was the one surprised this time. I went to the airport to pick up Ashley and ended up with Eva and Shawna too! The 3 of them had been planning it for months and I had no clue. We had a blast! I didn't take my camera out to much so sadly I don't have many pictures. We got to have a girls night out. We went to the cheesecake factory and then saw Back Up Plan. Great food and a super cute movieWe spent as much time at the beach and by the pool so the girls could thaw out from their long, cold winter. I think Shawna won the tanning contest! We went down to Miami Beach and ate at the 11th St. Diner (it was on Diners Drive-In's and Dives) We had a hair dying party and I am no longer blonde. We shopped and hung out and watched lots of Say Yes to the Dress. We took Eva and Ashley to Gumbo Limbo to check out the turtles. I swear it was the hottest day we have had in a long time so we didn't stay to long. The time flew by and now it's just us again. We sure love having visitors!!!!!