July 28, 2009

A Big Day for Lily

Lily loves to wear jewelry. She has a bunch of necklaces that she wears (sometimes all at the same time...
So today Ashley and I took her to the mall to get her ear's pierced! She was excited and kept saying earrings, ear's pierced. When we got into the store I handed her the earrings so she could help pick one and there was a pair of super cute little "bling" flowers. The lady came over and I filled out all the paperwork and then got Lily out of the stroller and sat in the chair. She was a little unsure of what was going on and kept pointing to the stroller and saying no stroller! When the lady went to wipe off Lily's ear, Lily jerked her head away and said "that hurts!" I didn't think it was going to work out but the lady was able to get Lily's ears wiped and marked. She had another worker come over so they could do both ears at the same time. I had Ash standing in front of Lily making faces but I had to wrap one arm around her arms to hold her hands down and then I had to but my hand on her forehead to hold her head back. I think I was more scared then Lily was (according to Ash the look on my face was freaked out and Lily's was confused)! Both the women said okay I've got it and one stared to count to 3 but at two Lily shrugged her shoulders so I had to hold her tighter. The whole time I was thinking what the heck am I don't to my poor girl! The women got it all lined up and pierced her ears- of course Lily cried and hurried to turn in my arms to be cuddled. We all told her good job and then I stood up and asked her if she wanted to pick out a new necklace- and I kid you not she instantly stopped crying and said yes. I let her pick out a necklece (a totally blast from the past neon 80's one) and then we walked to the register. She told me Mom earrings hurt. She was such a little trooper and looks so stinkin' cute with her earrings! She kept pointed them out to me all afternoon- and had to hurry and show them to Daddy when he walked in the door- but she made sure to tell him that it hurts. She's super cute about it.

July 27, 2009

What's Not To Love

How can you not smile at this face...
And this face...who loves to dress herself in whatever clothes she can find, which most of the time are Eric's...
And these 2 together

July 6, 2009

4th of July Getaway

We decided to skip town for the 4th, and headed up to Orlando. We went to this really cool park called Gatorland. There were a ton of Alligators and Crocodiles there. More then we have ever seen at one park.

Just one of the huge alligators we saw.

Always on the go

Trying to feed the birds. They were not hungry at all! The all just hung out at the top of the cage, but every once in a while they would dive bomb right in front of you.

Lily watching the birds

I really like the smaller parks. We were able to see everything at the park in a few hours. We would have been there longer if it didn't start pouring rain! There was a water park for kids to play with and right as we headed over there it started raining and they shut it down. Eric was very upset until we told him we were going to go to a safari hotel.

The great things about hotels...you get to jump on the bed without getting into trouble and there are some cool hiding places. The hotel also had this really big water slide. I wish we had our camera when Eric came off that slide. We heard him yelling for us long before we saw him. The look on his face was pure terror until he saw us at the bottom then he smiled. He went on it 2 more times no problem and then he went down with Skip and he screamed the whole way. (Kinda like the kid on the Christmas story at the mall with Santa..) We had a lot of fun hanging out at the pool together.

And of course luck would have it...we were at the wrong place at the wrong time and missed the fireworks. Yeah lame...

Yesterday morning we went over to Downtown Disney to get some breakfast and hang out.

The kids road the Merry-Go-Round. Eric loves it! But Lily not-so-much.

Kids both loved the train ride

We went up in a hot air balloon too! It was really awesome. First time for all of us. It was amazing how much you can see at 400 feet up.

Next time we want to go up at night.

It was a really fun little trip. Hopefully we will get to head back up to Orlando for another fun day soon!