February 22, 2009

Little Pink Piggies

I finally got Lily to let me paint her little toenails! She hates it...I mean hates it when I try to clip her nails or toenails- so painting her nails has been totally out of the question. I've tried one other time to paint her toenails, but couldn't even get one nail painted before she had it wiped off. I figured I was going to have to wait a few more years before I could paint her nails. Well she surprised me this morning. I was sitting on the floor putting lotion on my legs and Lily watched me for a few seconds then sat next to me and let me put lotion on her legs too. She even helped rub it in. Then she watched as I painted my toes. When I was done she stuck her foot up and sat and watched while I painted her toes. I had to hurry and grab the blow dryer before she wiped it off- but mission accomplished! Lily now has some hot pink piggies! Good thing it's hot enough that she can wear her flip-flops to show off her toes! I am looking forward to years of bonding over pedicures!

February 15, 2009

New Way to Drink

Lily's new way to get every last drop of her drink! Sucking the sprite from her soda soaked shirt.

Fire Hazard???

Last weekend I was looking through my recepie box trying to find a yummy treat to make and I came across a recepie for a no- fail apple pie. Apple Pie- specially homemade sounded really good! So I decided to give it a try. I was looking over the recepie and it said you had to cook it in a brown paper bag at 350 degrees for 1 hour 45 min! I thought- no way it'll catch on fire! Skip said the same thing so we called his Mom- it was her friend that gave me the recepie. Debby said she had never tried it but her friend made it all the time. So we decided to try it. Needless to say I was a nervous wreck the whole time the paper bag was in the oven. I swear I checked every 10 min to make sure there wasn't a fire in the oven.

I was releived when it was finally time to take the paper bag out of the oven. And let me tell you- that was seriously the best apple pie ever! Now that I now the paper bag won't catch on fire I'll be making it again!

February 3, 2009

Best Day Ever!

Saturday was AWESOME!!!! Skip and I got a whole day to ourselves! Kids Free thanks to my wonderful friends Lisa and Erica. We dropped the kids off at 9am and then took off for Orlando. We went to the Temple and it was sooooooooo wonderful! the last time Skip and I were able to go to the Temple was way back in July when we were in Utah and could leave the kids with Grammy, Poppa, Aunts and Uncles. I love going to the Temple! Every time I go I feel so loved by Heavenly Father. It was the spiritual uplifting that I needed.

After we left the Temple we decided to go to Downtown Disney to get some dinner. While we were at downtown Disney we stopped at a little booth where you can pick an oyster and then they open it for you and you get the pearl inside. (I've always wanted to do it but for one reason or another didn't) We tried to ask the lady if there is a trick to picking out a good oyster and she said there was no trick. So Skip said to find the thickest one. So I found one that looked pretty thick, and gave it to the lady. She had me tap it 3 times and then say Aloha for good luck. Well it worked cause we got a pretty big pearl! Skip had me pick out a ring to set it in for an early Valentine's present. Such a sweet guy! I'm very lucky.

Honestly it was so wonderful to have Skip all to myself and not have kids yelling or climbing all over me when Skip and I are trying to talk. I can understand why date night is so important. When you've got little kids that constantly want attention or "need" something every 5 minutes it's easy to lose that connection that was there before kids. The whole day reminded me how wonderful my husband is and how much I love him. I'm not going to feel as guilty about leaving my kids for a whole day anymore!

Great Sacrament Meeting Quote...

We don't sin because we are evil, we sin because we are S.T.U.P.I.D.
Bro Mac