July 30, 2012

Bear Lake Camping

We finally got to take the kids camping this summer. With Skip and I never having a day off together it has made it hard to do anything as a family. So we ended up heading up into the mountians later than we had planned- making me very pregnant at the time. Needless to say I got zero sleep that night- which is why we only stayed one night. But the kids had a blast and that's what's important.
Bear Lake
The water was cold but the kids didn't mind at all. Lily was caught holding Eric under water. When I asked her why she said she was just trying to see if Eric could breathe underwater like Mermaids can...
Hopefully next year we will make it on more than one camping trip- but for now this 9 month pregnant body has to have a bed to sleep in!

July 13, 2012

Slip n' Slide

Eric got a slip and slide for his birthday and after setting it up in 3 differnt spots we finally got a spot with enough of a slope for the kids to fly down it.
Evie loved standing at the bottom and playing in the water that was shooting up.
We made it injury free for about 45 minutes before Eric crashed into Evie and Lily stepped on a bee. Nevertheless I am still asked daily to set up the slip and slide

Eric's Birthday

I finally downloaded the pictures from Eric's birthday. I can't believe this little guy is 7 already. He is the sweetest boy around and is always ready with a hug for anyone and everyone. He is so very patient with his 2 little sisters but keeps telling me he can't wait for his baby brother to get here.
Eric finally got a new bike that is big enough for him- crazy that I didn't get a picture of him on it...yet. He was also spoiled by family with some great gifts. Still can't believe my little guy is 7.