May 19, 2012


Skip found a trout farm that rented fishing poles so we took the kids for their first fishing trip. It was the perfect place to take the kids to go fishing because they were guaranteed to catch a fish. Skip caught one within the first 5 minutes of being there.
Both Eric and Lily caught 2 fish each.
Evie wasn't to sure about the fish. At first she would get really close but if they started to move she would scream and run away.
We ended up bringing 3 of the fish home because the hook got caught in the fish to far down to take out. Eric thought we got to bring them home and put them in a fish tank- so he was a little mad when Skip killed them and said we were going to cook them and eat them.
It was a great time, and now the kids are bugging us to buy them their own fishing poles...although they might not like the fact that when you are really fishing, it's not always easy to catch a fish.

Eric lost another tooth

Eric left this note for the tooth fairy...
She was nice enough to leave him $ and a note telling him that her friends found it on the soccer field and that it was in good hands.

Baby Animal Days

Eric brought home a flyer for Baby Animal Days and it sounded like alot of fun. However when we got there it wasn't as big as I thought it was going to be, and there wasn't even corndogs or cotton candy. But the kids had alot of fun seeing the baby animals and getting to pet or hold some of them. Poor Evie had to stay in the stroller the whole time because she is one fast little runner and I'm a tired preggo Mama.

Farmington Pond

The kids and I were bored at home so we headed over to the Farmington Pond. It turned out to be beautiful, and a nice little place to hang out. Evie wasn't a big fan of being up on the rock, but it was a nice.

May 13, 2012

Little Money Makers

We are trying to teach the kids about money- and the fact that we have yet to find a money tree. Eric has had some legos that he has wanted to get, so he asked if he and Lily could have a cupcake stand to make some money. They did a great job. In about 2 hours they sold almost 4 dozen cupcakes and made $25 bucks! Eric woudl yell clever phrase like "get your cupcakes here," "one cupcake 2 quarters" "hey stop and by a cupcake!" If I ever have my own cupcake shop- I know who I'm going to stick out front pulling the customers in! As soon as the cupcakes were sold (or in this case-eaten by the sellers...) we headed to toys-r-us. The kids were in heaven getting to spend their own money on what ever they want.