March 14, 2010

Berry Picking

The kids and I had a wonderful fun day together Sat. We went to the strawberry farm to find it had closed. Luckly there was a new and improved one further down the road, complete with a tracter ride. After picking 2 pails full of big juciy strawberrys we went to the park and had a picnic It was a great day.


Lily Did it! She is Potty Trained!!!!!

March 3, 2010

Where is Eric???

The other morning Skip came and woke me up and told me I had to see where our son was sleeping. I figured it was in the bathtub or something...but it was even better...the cats bed, behind the chair in the living room. Skip had come down to watch the news, and check out the weather. He said he was just sitting there on the couch, and he heard breathing. He could tell it was Eric (little guys snores a little) but he couldn't tell where it was coming from. He stood up and started looking around and this is what he found... We have no idea what time Eric got up and decided to switch beds. But according to Eric is a great place to sleep. I'll just take his word on that one-

Butterfly Festival

Last weekend the City of Coconut Creek (the butterfly capital of the world) had a festival. It was completely FREE! Not sure who loved it more- the little kids or the big kids Cotton Candy...YES PLEASE! Pretty sure this is the first time the kids have had cotton candy...they LOVED it and had eaten a big bag in no time. Eric in some real Police Gear
We sure had a great time. Eric rode the little roller-coaster at least half a dozen times and Lily had fun at the craft booth making butterflies. I got to enjoy watching my kids laughing and having fun with Daddy. It started to downpour as I was going down the slide with the kids so we hung out under the police tent till it stoped then made a mad dash for the shuttle. Lily was all tuckered out and fell asleep in Skip's arms.
I wish more city's would have totally free festivals.