May 23, 2011

Adventures in Hair Cutting

Lily decided she needed a haircut- so she did it herself. When I asked her why she cut her hair she tried to blame me for it...I told her to brush her hair- so naturally she heard cut your hair...Her hair cutting was mostly kept to the left side-
I didn't realize how short some of the pieces were till we went to the beauty parlor to get it fixed. She had cut the bottom layer of her hair to 1-2 inch chunks. The sweet hairstylist tried to keep it long with layers but you could still tell that one side was totally short and uneven so she had to do a pixie cut.
Luckly Lily is totally adorable and can pull it off. And she will finally let me put clips in her hair- so she won't look like a boy, lol.

May 11, 2011


So way back in Oct we went to a Surprise B-Day party for my Mother-In-Law. I offered to make cupcakes for the big event. I ended up making 200 of them. It was fun to come up with all the different kinds. Tabby's friend Karie,just happens to be the Director of Food and Beverage at the Ogden Eccles Conference Center. Karie and I had a little chat afterwards and she told me she would like me to be the cupcake baker for the center! I finally got around to getting a cupcake menu, and a price list together and got my food handlers permit, so I had a meeting with Karie on Monday. And it was AWESOME!!!!! Karie and the other taste testers LOVED my cupcakes and now I have some events to make cupcakes for! I have one in July and one in Aug and then a huge order of 800 cupcakes for Sept!!!! And if that isn't awesome enough, Karie's Bosses Brother owns a coffee shop in town and he's going to tell his brother about me and tell him that he needs to sell my cupcakes in his shop! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!!! Ash came with me to my meeting to offer moral support and to take Miss Evie out if she got grumpy. As soon as we walked out of the meeting we were like what the heck! Seriously still living on cloud 9! I've always wanted to have my own little bakery and this just might be the road to getting it! Now I just need to get my business license for Em's Cup-A-Cakes. And then we will take things from there!

My Girls

Little Lady has been waking up with some pretty sweet bed head lately. She is also turning 5 months tomorrow! Already she is growing way to fast for me!

I finally gave into Lily's pleas to let her paint my nails. She did a pretty good job for her first time...

May 1, 2011


I totally lucked out with Easter this year. I didn't have to put together an Easter Egg hunt at all!!! Faye did an Easter Egg hunt for my kids and her step kids the weekend before Easter. She did an awesome job and the kids had a blast and got lots of goodies.Loved that Faye color coded the eggs so the kids all got the same amount.
On the sat before Easter we spent the day with Skip's family. 2 houses in the neighborhood did an Easter Egg Hunt- and it was awesome.Lily kept going for all the rainbow twizlers.Skip and Eric check the goods.We took the kids to the Pet Store to see the Bunnies...that weren't there...
Skip's Mom also did an Easter Egg Hunt and a Cake Walk for the kids- but Little Lady Evie didn't want to be put down...all I didn't get any pictures.
Easter morning the kids were being stinkers about having their pictures taken together...this is what I got...At Least Lily was smiling and looking in the right direction.