March 23, 2009

And we waited...

So Skip got back Weds from his first round of interviews in Fort Collins, CO. Things went well and they told Skip that they were really impressed with him and that he was on to the next round of interviews and tests. Hip Hip Hooray! but of the waiting is no fun at all! Skip is in the process of filling out the huge background check packet. And once he has that in...then we get to wait to find out when he will go back to Fort Collins for round 2. It is such a long process! We won't know for sure if Skip has gotten the job until the beginning of June. It's crazy how things work. We have been wanting to move out of Florida for a while now. We miss the mountains, friendly people, cold weather and most importantly, My FAMILY! Up until now it hasn't felt like the time is right. But when it came time for us to decide if we should sign another year lease we knew that's not what we wanted to do. We started talking about where we wanted to go, and Fort Collins was the choice. It's a funny one just because neither Skip or I have ever been there. We looked into it and all the timing was right. The police department was hiring right when out lease would be up. Everything seemed like it was going to fall right into place and honestly Colorado is the only other state we want to live in, that feels like where we are to be for the next stage of our lives. Well even though Skip is on to the next round, as time goes on, that feeling of this is all going to work out, starts to fade and all the doubt starts building up. Are we going to serve a life sentence in South Florida- land of the sharp elbows? Or is it still all going to work out and this is a lesson on having Faith and Trusting in Heavenly Father? Personally I'm praying that this is just a lesson and come June I will be packing up and be the road again, off on a new adventure.

March 14, 2009


Not a great day in things electronic yesterday. My computer, filled with 4 years worth of pictures, expenses records, Young Women projects, favorite websites, patterns bought online,etc,etc, blah blah blah...everything you would accumulate over 4 years is now gone. The computer decided it had enough and crashed! And of course if would have to happen just an hour and a half before I had to take my wonderful husband off to the airport. Neither Skip or I know all that much about computer stuff but out of the 2 of us- I say he knows more. Soooooooo what to do....

I called HP technical support. And was told by a guy who hardly speaks English(seriously biggest pet peeve!) that my warranty was up and in order for him to troubleshoot I had to purchase and expired warranty package. Whatever. I hung up on him. Rude I know but I wasn't going through the whole Kodak ordeal again.

I called Faye to tell her what happened and her Chris saved the day. Chris was able to walk me through recovering my PC. Unfortunately everything on the computer was lost...not a single picture of my adorable kids to be found. (thank my lucky stars I had made a back up CD of the past 4 years worth of pictures!) Each of my carefully charted monthly expenses tables- gone. But hey- at least Chris was able to save me a couple hundred bucks! You Rock Chris! At least I don't have to take my non computer savvy self and 2 inpatient children over to Best Buy to purchase a new computer tower that does who knows what and then have to figure out what cord goes where. Although I am going to invest on those little memory sticks for all my pictures, important files and of course all the patterns I've bought online!

March 9, 2009

What did he say?

So Eric gave his very first talk in Primary on Sunday. When the heck did my little guy become old enough to give talks!! Time really does fly by! Anyway Eric's talk was on Mother's. So we found some different pictures of what Mommies do. And then I stood up by Eric and held the pictures and then Eric would tell what the picture was. He started off really well by saying
"Mommies are awesome!"
Mommies go to the park,
play candy land,
make cookies with me, and then we got to this picture...

Eric looked at the picture and said "Mommy makes me hurt!" Skip of course was in the back and laughed really loud. I was lucky enough to have the rest of the pictures in front of my face so no one could see me laughing. I tired to get Eric to say Mommy makes me feel better- but he was ready to move on to the next picture.
Mommies give bear hugs,
teach me about Jesus Christ,
read stories
Mommy makes me happy!"
He did such a great job- minus telling everyone that I make him hurt!

March 1, 2009

Mouth Full of Berries

We took the kids to a pick your own strawberry patch on Sat. While we were walking out to the field 2 little old ladies walked by and Eric stopped them to tell them he was looking for strawberries. The laughed and then asked if he would like to try one of theirs. Ever the little gentleman...he grabbed a handful and tried to put it in his basket. We made him give all but one back and told him he had to look for his own.

He took off to find them but Lily didn't waste any time eating her strawberry. As soon as we showed her that there were strawberries all over she was off picking and eating.

I'm pretty sure she had her mouth full the whole time! Eric wasn't into eating them as much as he was picking them. He would run from Skip and I helping to pick the strawberries. Skip even took Eric over to the tomato plants to pick some tomatoes while I clean up strawberry juice covered Lily. It was so much fun! I look forward to having my own garden some day.


I about died laughting the other day when I looked over to see Eric and Lily with their faces pressed up aganist the screen door. These 2 are a hoot!