October 16, 2011

Winds of Change

Man the rest of Sept flew by and we are already half way through Oct! There have been quite a few changes in our little family over the past weeks.
*I started working again after 6 1/2 years. I am working as the night staff at a group home from troubled teen girls. It's been an adventure trying to get in enough sleep during the day when I've got the kids home...but I'm a Mom...I can handle being sleep deprived! I am lucky that there is wireless Internet so I am able to watch netflix and cruise the net to keep me awake when I would rather be sleeping. Working nights isn't ideal but it helps me earn money with out having to put the kids in daycare- so I can't complain. I have also been getting cupcake orders to keep me busy. Yay for cupcakes! I just got an order for in Nov...1000 cupcakes this time!
*After 9 years fighting cancer, Skip's Mom- Debby passed away. She will be missed but we are happy she is finally pain free and at peace. I am so grateful for the Gospel and the knowledge the plan of salvation gives us.
*Skip finished up his bachelors degree at the University of Phoenix. I am so proud of him. It hasn't always been easy to keep up with school with kids/work/worrying about his Mom/moving/changing jobs twice/life...but he has stuck with and, and I am so proud of him!
*With $$$$ from my job the time has come for us to move out on our own again!!! It's one of those things that is bittersweet. We are totally ready to be out on our own again, but I'm going to miss seeing my parents and sis each day, but I'm sure they are going to really enjoy the quite! We are going to be moving up to Farmington where we have a HUGE 3 bed apt. Eric will finally get his own room and Little Lady Evie will move outta our room and in with big sis Lily. Eric's new school is AWESOME- so much better than the one he is going to now! Packing starts on Monday!
*Evie got her cast off!
She ended up needing to have a new cast put on after the 1st week because the one she first had on kept sliding down her foot. The saw that they use to cut off the cast scared Evie to the pointing that now anytime there is a noise even close to it...like the blowdryer or vacuum...she starts crying. So this time around be brought skip shootin ear muffs with us to block out some of the noise for Evie. She loved them!
Although some changes are sad- there is always a good one coming along too!