July 27, 2011

Tye Dye

I couldn't pass up a tye dying kit that I found in clearance at Joann's the other day.We did tye dye shirts as part of our family reunion last summer and the kids loved it -so they were super excited to do another shirt.Eric was like a little scientist- a little of this color- mix these 2 colors...The kids love their shirts. Lily informed me that next time she gets to do Evie's shirt- not me...

July 15, 2011


Little Lady has taken to scooting herself backwards and has been know to disappear under chairs and tables.7 months all ready! Evie has her 2 bottom teeth, only wakes up once at night to eat, loves rice cereal, and is such a happy little lady. I totally adore her chubby legs and cheeks and can't squeese them enough!

His Own Style

Eric likes to pick out his own outfits these days instead of just putting on what I have told him to...it's intresting how many pairs of shorts he "needs" to wear his snowboots with...


We love living in the Land of The Free!