February 11, 2012


I had this really cute valentines card all planned out...but lets face it, it's not going to get done. So here are the pictures I took for it and some updates on the kiddos...Little Man has been changing alot over the past 6 months. He is so much more a boy, like he keeps getting in trouble for mooning and farting on his sisters. And his love for school isn't enough to keep him out of getting into trouble there. He was admit about having his own room when we moved into our apt in Oct but has changed his mind and is now room mates with Lily again. He said that it was just to lonely all by himself. I have been letting Eric stay up an extra 1/2 hour after the girls go to bed. It has become our time together. Usually we read or he watches the food network or HGTV with me. And let me tell you that boy is a talker! He asks a ton of questions. One night I wouldn't let him stay up with me because he had gotten into trouble at school that day, but that didn't stop him from sneaking into my bed once I had fallen asleep for my pre-work nap. He told me that sometimes he just needs to be with his Mom.Sweet Pea is quite the little miss sassy pants. I think of all the kids she has taken my working nights the hardest because we don't do much anymore. Most days I get about 3-4 hours sleep before Skip has to head into work. And by the time I get up, have lunch, shower and get ready for the day- it's almost time to get Eric. Lily has gotten tired of me sleeping the morning away and has started to come in and beg me to get out of bed. I will be very glad once I'm done with this whole night shift business! Lily got a less expensive version of an American Girl doll for Christmas- her name is Lily Ann. We have been working on making Lily Ann a new wardrobe, and Lily and I have been having a lot of fun picking out fabric together. Lily has become even more of my little helper. She told me that it is her job to help me cook dinner and do the dishes cause I shouldn't have to do them all on my own. Love that girl! Lily is still very much the cuddle bug and has to be right up next to someone at all times. Little Lady is quite the character. She likes to use me as a human jungle gym. If she can catch me sitting on the floor she crawls and climbs all over me! And if you are caught laying on the floor you better believe that you are going to get a full on body slam! Evie is getting braver and braver when it comes to walking. She hates crawling with no pants on and will crab walk. When she gets tired she puts her head down and sticks her bum in the air. Evie hates wearing socks and usually pulls them off the minute I get them on her. I finally had to buy her some boots for when we have to go somewhere- otherwise she would be barefoot. Evie is finally sleeping in her own bed- and even has her own room now. Both her and Lily are pretty light sleepers and kept waking each other up then we would have both girls crying. Good thing Eric wanted Lily as a roommate again! Evie is such a little doll. She gives us the biggest toothy grins that totally make my day. I just wish she wouldn't shriek like a banshee every time she wants something! She is starting to say more words and just chatters away, specially if Eric and Lily are talking. She has to make sure she gets her 2 cents in! Evie is a snuggler too and I love it!Our biggest surprise of the year is #4. Baby's due date is Aug 24th. Eric said he will only be happy if he gets a brother. And he will only help me with the baby if it is a brother. If it's another sister- I can just take care of her myself! Lily is convinced that there are 3 babies in my tummy cause the doc gave me 3 different pictures of the ultrasound. She also likes to tell me now that she has a baby in her tummy too. She said she wants another sister. Evie I'm sure knows that her rein as baby is going to be short lived- poor thing. I'm sure I'm going to have to watch where I put the baby with Evie's love of body slamming. I want to wait till I deliver to find out if it's a boy or a girl. I think it would be a great surprise. Skip said there is no way he is going to wait that long to find out. Guess we will see what happens.

February 5, 2012


Yay I am so excited! Pretty soon I won't have to work nights anymore! I get to change jobs at work from night staff to a Family Teacher- during the day. I'll get to get to know the girls and really help them out instead of hanging out while they are sleeping. The pay is better and I'll only have to go into work 2 days a week instead of 5. I'll be working a double shift both days (7am to 11pm)and those will be some long days. But we will still be able to keep the kids out of daycare (I will work on Skip's days off) and I will save money in gas only having to drive to Salt Lake twice vs five times and I will get to sleep when everyone else is sleeping. I can't wait to start my new job!!!