March 14, 2011

Little Lady is 3 Months!

My Little Lady is 3 months already! Time is flying by. She is such a mellow baby and we are all deeply in love with her...even more now that she's got a big smile on her face as soon as she has your attention. Plus she is sleeping for 6 hours straight at night, Yay for ME!

March 2, 2011


Life has been a little on the crazy side for the past 2 months...and I just haven't felt the need to blog...but I figured I better update something about all that has happened...

Lily caused us to have my first ever trip to the ER as a parent. She was standing on a stool in the bathroom- fell off and broke her arm.She was a total rockstar about the whole thing. She started off with a splint- but her bones shifted so they had to do surgery. She had 2 pins put into her arm to hold the bones in place.Totally broke my heart when they came and got me after the surgery and I could hear her crying for me as soon as we went through the recovery room doors. After another stressful week of her only having her arm in a splint- she finally got a cast on! 2 weeks later Lily was cast free!

On Jan 22nd we blessed our little Evie. She of course is a total doll and we love her tons! She is growing fast! On her 2 month check up she already weighted 15 lbs and measured at 25". She is already wearing 6-9m clothes. Her chubby cheeks are adorable and so much fun to kiss.

And some of the most exciting news ever came on Valentines Day...Skip was hired as a Police Officer with Ogden City Police Department!!!!!
It's his dream job and we are very excited for him to get started in his career. Skip starts the police academy next week. Hopefully by the end of the year we will be in our own house too!

Things are going great. The kids, specially Evie are growing fast and we are doing great!