October 31, 2009

Family Pictures at the Beach...Finally

So after living in Florida for 5 years, we finally made it to the beach for Family pictures. One of the young women- Katelyn took the pictures and did an awesome job! Here are a few for you to enjoy...

October 28, 2009

Trunk or Treat

Last night the kids got to break in their Halloween costumes with a little trunk or treat action.Eric decided to be Robin Hood this year. I have to say his favorite thing about his costume (before he saw the bow and arrows) were the tights. Funny I know. He was really fasinated by them. Don't worry I told him that he is only allowed to wear them on Halloween! I was later informed by Skip that Robin Hood never wore tights- it was leather pants...
Lily was Little Red Riding Hood. She wouldn't put the hood up- but she was still adorableThey had so much fun- and made sure not to let their candy bags out of sight. Lily even snuck out of her room to grab her bag. She was caught as she hightailed it back to bed.

Finally-A Pumpkin Patch

We finally made it to the pumpkin patch. But after being there all of 15 minutes it started to rain. Luckily the kids aren't picky and will grab the first pumpkin they see.
Now it's time to decorate...nothing like a little paint...

This is What I Get When I Ask For a Smile

October 21, 2009


I finally got my blue wall! No more boring white on every wall. We also got rid of the sofa and brought the futon out of the kids room (due to Lily learning how to climb out of her crib and needing a "big girl bed! yikes!) I made a new cover for the chair- due to kids being messy. Now I can take off the cover and throw it in the wash along with the futon cover. Life is easier when everything is machine washable. I'm going to add more picture frames along the way. Next project...removemable chair covers for the kitchen table chairs...

October 15, 2009

Cake for Breakfast!

My good friend Erin told me about the greatest muffins ever! They are full of fiber and super good. Here's the recipe...

1 box of cake mix (I've tried chocolate and yellow- both yummy! I'm going to try carrot cake next)
1- 15oz can of pumpkin
3/4 cups water.

Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes

They are so good. I made little bite size ones and couldn't keep Lily from shoving one after another in her mouth!

October 13, 2009

Feeding Time

Okay so lately after dinner the kids have had way to much energy to calm down and do our nightly thing. So we have added a step in our night rutine...running laps around the lake! Eric just runs and runs and runs! I truly wish I could bottle some of his energy and take it each day! Oh to be young! Lily does great for the first half and then she wants to be carried the rest of the way cause "it's to hot to walk", or "I'm so tired." Some nights I bring out Eric's bike and Lily's baby stroller. You should see her running with her stroller! She is a fast little girl- and half the time she is running in her flip flops! I think she is going to be one of those girls lucky enough to be a graceful runner while wearing high heels. Last night on our walk we found 14 baby ducks with their Mom. As soon as we stepped on the grass for a closer look the mother and babies jumped out of the water and came running looking for food. We went back in the house to get some bread and the kids got to feed the ducks. Lily was getting brave and was going right up to the ducks telling them to "eat this!" Eric was throwing the bread into the little groups of ducks to see them fight over it. Every night on our walk Eric picks flowers for me. Last night he tried to tell me that they were Roses. He is such a sweet boy!

October 7, 2009


We have a pet! She is a kitten named Pumpkin. Skip went and picked her out for "the kids" (really he has just as much fun playing around with her as the kids do) Eric gets the biggest kick out of shining the lazer on the ground for Pumpkin to chase. He's been running around the house laughing with her. Lily thinks it's okay to pick her up and carry her around. So far Pumpkin has been pretty patient. The morning after we got Pumpkin, Eric ran into my room to inform me that "Pumpkin got into my very own bed and licked me with her tounge!" Both kids are totally in love with her and start calling her name and making kissing noises as soon as they walk in the door. When I told Lily it was time for bed tonight she hurried and grabbed Pumpkin and ran into her room saying that Pumpkin was sleeping in her bed. It's so much fun to see the kids having fun with their own "little Pumpkin Kitty Cat"

October 5, 2009


'Honestly there is no way to truly camp here in Florida. There are way to many bugs and it's just to hot and humid. Plus there is a huge lack of camping spots. So I set up a tent in the kids room for them to "camp out" (really it was a way to keep them in their room playing so Skip and I could listen to Conference!) They had a great time playing for all of a half hour :-) Gotta love the static hair

Little Builders

On the first Sat of the month, Home Depot has a kids workshop where they get to build something. They even get their own little orange apron to wear and a pin upon completing the project. This Sat I took Eric and Lily, usually Skip and Eric go for a little guy time, but Skip was a b-ball and the kids had way to much energy to stay in the house any longer. Eric showing Lily how it's done Lily's 1st attempt at working a hammer (love that her little tongue is sticking out) A job well done! Loving the free cookies!