August 28, 2011

New Art

I made this sign for the kids room. Their beds are on opposite sides of the room and they each have their own magnet boards over their beds. There was a huge empty space on the wall...and I had to fill it with something. Originally I was going to do a smaller sign and then put up some frames with a family picture...but we haven't had a family picture taken with Evie in it. So I just made the sign bigger. I want to make sure that my kids grow up knowing that they are loved not only by us here on the earth but by their Heavenly Father.

8 Months

I forgot to post this and now Evie is closer to 9 months then she is 8 months. Evie is such a great baby!She loves to watch Eric and Lily. Her favorite things to play with is the basket of fake food from the kids kitchen- don't even try to take away her piece of bacon! She loves to eat- gotta keep up those thighs. Her hair is starting to fill in so her "comb over" doesn't stand out as much. She talks all the time.She hasn't figured out how to put her knees down so she does push up's. It's really funny to watch her "work out". 8 months has flown by! Before I know it it's going to be her 1st birthday.

First Day of School

Yay school started! Eric has been so excited about going to first grade cause "that's where big kids go"At first when we got to school he told me i could go home now and took off for his class. We were a little early so he had to wait outside. After a couple minutes he was looking around for me- then he ran back and threw his arms around me and asked if he could please come back home with me. He was scared because he didn't know anybody. I told him that it was going to be a very boring day at home and that school was going to be sooooo much fun. He finally agreed to stay and ended up having a great day.Lily, Evie and I went on a date to the mall. We did a little shopping. Had a nice lunch in the food court, Lily rode on the merry go round and in the kids play area. It reminded me how often Lily and I would go to the mall in FL while Eric was in school all day. It gave us something to do when it was so stinkin' hot outside. The girls and I had a fun day together and Lily now thinks that everyday Eric is at school should be a Mommy Lily date and that we "need" to go to the mall.

August 14, 2011

Park City Camping

We took a last minute camping trip last weekend. We ended up going up past park city for this one. We brought 2 tents this time with the idea of putting all our extra stuff in one and all sleeping in the other...but the kids had other plans. Lily decided that one was a girls only tent and one was a boys only tent.We got the giant marshamallows...seriously they were the size of Lily's hand! It was impossible to eat one with out getting it all over your face!
WE froze our butt off at night, so both girls ended up with colds. But we had fun together as a family and that's all that really matters right :-)

Little Quilters

Eric and Lily love to follow me around the house, so the other day when I had some sewing I wanted to get done- I had them pick out fabric from my stash for a quilt. I cut all the pieces and then put them to work laying out their quilts. Once that was done they got to sew them together...Lily didn't like the sewing to much cause she couldn't push the petal. Eric on the other hand really enjoyed sewing...Both of them really loved ironing!I couldn't sew fast enough for Lily- she wanted to iron iron iron!Eric was getting pretty fancy in his ironing skillz... at one point he goes "hey mom check this out...I can iron backwards!" He was moving that iron in all different directions and having a blast!pinning the layers was a little tough for the kids but they did get a few in there.
Eric still has some quilting to do so I'll post pictures when he's done.