January 24, 2010

They Like to Move It Move It

Lily has been taking a "Toddler Jam" dance class for the past couple weeks, and is loving it! Eric didn't have school on Tues so he got to come to dance class with us. It was a riot watching those 2 shake their hips. The class is all girls and one little boy. On Tues there was Eric and another little boy there with his sister, and all the little girls were lineing up to dance with the 2 boys! It was adorable!
I love it when my kids are getting along and having fun together! Here is Lily at her first dance class...my favorite part is towards the end...sports injury

Flight of the Binkies

Binkies are a pain in the butt at a certain point. Sure they are great when the kids are little and the only way to calm them down is by sticking a plug in em. But when your little one can't get through the day without having one stuck in her mouth. That's when I have to draw the line. Specially when the melt-downs started because she had to have 2 binkies to go to sleep. Most nights that led to a mad dash around the house looking for a 2nd binkie while Lily is screaming at the top of her lungs for her binkie.

We have been tiring to limit the binkie use to just at bed time. The binkies had to stay in bed for the whole day. That led to Lily laying in bed for most of the day just to have the binkie. Then she would sneak them out and suck away until we noticed she had one, then she would run laughing to her bed.

The other day I had had enough. So I knew it was time to go cold turkey...I know at Build-A-Bear you can stick a binkie in before it's all sewn up...but Lily is very resourceful when it comes to those binkies, and all I could picture was the poor bear being pulled apart to get the goods. So we got balloons Lily enjoying one last suck on the ol' binkie Ready for take off And they are gone!
I wish I could say that we only needed 2 balloons because Lily only had 2 binkies...sadly that's not the case...she just happened to have snuck 2 binkies into the car with her that morning. And it took 2 balloons to hold one binkie. But Lily thinks that all her binkies are up in the sky. (Believe me there was a mad dash as soon as we got home to find all the binkies before Lily did!)

So far she has done great. When she asks for a binkie I can remind her that we sent them all up into the sky and we can't reach them anymore. A binkie free life is a good life!

January 19, 2010

Goodbye 302

This weekend we said goodbye to the apartment we have lived in for the past 4 year. 4 years! I know where has the time gone. And to be honest we didn't expect to still be here...
We are now back in Deerfield Beach, where we started out our adventure in Florida. We have joined the world of people with a garage and stairs. I have much more space and now get have a whole new blank slate to decorate! That is as soon as I unpack everything. This is going to be fun!

January 8, 2010

Some Day I'm Going to be RICH!!!!

Upon their entrance into our family, Eric and Lily were told...and have been reminded numerous times... And yet there is still plenty of this... and even more of this... As soon as these kids start working, so do the payments to Mom and Dad to pay off their whining debt.