November 17, 2010

3 Years Old!

It's really not that hard to believe that Lily has turned 3 because she has been acting older than that for a while. But on Sunday she did turn 3 for real. For her birthday cake she requested a pink cake with pink frosting and pink sprinkles...she even picked out pink ice cream. We had a family party for her and she said it was a great party and she loved it. Lily's main present from us was a dollhouse that I have spent the last couple months working on as soon as she was off to bed. She had already seen all the little dolls and furniture I had been making because she kept catching me working on them in the craft room. So when she opened the box and found them she had a look on her face that said "what the heck are these doing in here?"
Lily has really gotten into dressing up lately so of course she loves her new dress and high heels! Lily is such a big helper and is my constant shadow. She is super excited about her new baby sister that is coming because she can't wait to play dress up with her. And she has already decided that she will babysit her sister every morning when I take Eric to school so that they won't have to go out in the cold (Skip will be home too). Lily is quite the diva at times but she is one smart cookie and such a sweetheart. We are lucky she is a part of our family!

November 14, 2010

Baby's Space

We are still undecided on the baby's name, but at least her space is all done and ready for her!

November 8, 2010

Eric Shots

I left my camera by the computer to download Halloween pictures. And these are a few extra shots that I found...Nice of him to include his sister in his photo shoot. The other 2 dozen were random shots of the toys all over the floor of the need to show those!

November 3, 2010


We had a fun...but cold Halloween this year. For the first time ever I had to get sweaters and long johns to make the kids costumes warmer...just doesn't get cold in Florida. Eric picked his costume based on the awesome swords that came with it...typical boy. Lily saw the skirt and wings and just had to have one.
So we ended up with a nijia and a butterfly fairy this year. We started off with a little pumpkin carving. Lily's favorite part- pulling all the guts out. Eric's favorite part- carving.
Friday night we went to a party at the church. Both the kids tried to eat a doughnut off a string- both ended up with their tongues sticking out trying to get the doughnut as it swung by. Skip and I couldn't stop laughing!Saturday we went to Layton to hang out with Skip's family. We went to a trunk or treat, where it ended up pouring rain, and got moved inside the church building. The kids had a great time and got lots of candy.We got home in early enough that we were able to take the kids around to the other houses on our street. Totally love the fact that everyone was out trick or treating on sat night!