September 28, 2010

Buffalo Hunt

This past Friday Eric didn't have school so after hitting up Cabelas, Skip and I took the kids out to Antelope Island to see the great Salt Lake. It was a fun day trip. The kids and I played around in the stinky salt lake, then we drove around "hunting" buffalo. This big guy was nice enough to stand next to the side of the road so we could get a good picture We also saw a fox and a few antelope. Eric was having a blast shooting all the buffalo until Skip told him that he would have to skin them and eat them...

September 20, 2010

Hooray for Soccer!

Eric and Lily had their first soccer games this weekend. It was a blast watching the bunch ball.Waiting for Eric's game to start. Gotta love the one size fits no one uniformsEric played goalie for the first half and had some awesome saves. Pretty Excited about playing soccer!
Lily had a blast running around the field. The whole game she would run in the "bunch" laughing. She had a huge smile on her face the whole game! Her one big kick of the game!Both kids had so much fun playing and we got a good laugh watching. I'm so excited that we have 6 more weeks of this!

Ogden Valley

A couple weeks ago Skip took the kids and I to the Ogden Valley to show us around where he grew up. It was fun to put a place with all the stories Skip has told me about growing up. Eric and Lily thought it was really cool to see where Daddy was a little boy. We did some off roading up into the mountains. The kids loved it when Skip would drive crazy and fast.Skip took the kids for a little "rock climbing" The only sad part about the trip was when Skip took us to show us his Elem. school...only to find it had been torn down and was an empty lot. The only remains where the flagpole and the playground that Skip had jumped off as a kid and broken his foot.

September 4, 2010

What a Summer!

We did make it out alive after our cross country road-trip. We did however loose a whole day when the car broke down. But all I can say about that is it could've been a whole lot worse! As soon as we got to Utah it was family reunion time! We spent the weekend playing around with my family. We got to go have a cookout and toast/burn marshmallows up in the canyon. We went swimming(and i have to admit it was a little cold for us poor thin-blooded Florida folk), we tye-dyed shirts, we had a family minute to win it game. Proud to say that Skip, the kids and I won. Check out the picture on the side to see our sweet prize! Hip Hip Hooray! We got to go to the temple with Ashley, and take some pictures before she is off to the mission field. It was soooooooooooo much fun to be with my family! It's been almost 2 years since we have all been together at one time, and it was a blast! Eric and Lily had so much fun with all their cousins. And we finally got to meet the 2 newest members of the family, Dakota and Duke- such stinkin' cute babies. The time flew by but it wasn't as hard saying good-bye when everyone had to leave, cause we live closer now and it won't be forever till we get to see each other.
The following weekend we headed up to Steamboat Springs, CO to hang out with Skip's family.Steamboat Springs is my kind of town, small with lots of charm. Skip's sister Heidi had some awesome rooms for us to stay in. We got to go swimming, and shopping in the cute downtown, hang out, catch up, and go tubing. This was the first time the kids and I have ever gone and it was fun. Skip took Eric and Lily one at a time and they loved it. I went the next day with Skip, his brother Jesse and the kids. Lily was so relaxed sitting with Skip that she totally fell asleep on him. It was alot of fun and I look forward to going again, when I'm not was a little hard to move with the belly in the way!
Skip headed back to Florida to do a little more work and the kids and I have been trying to get settled into a routine. Eric starting school has helped that. He loves school and is excited everyday to go. Poor Lily really wants to go to. We are finding all kinds of fun stuff to do to keep us busy. Last weekend the kids went to their first Farmer's Market. Loved It!
I finally found a doc here in Utah and go in for my 1st appt, this week. We should know what the baby is by the end of the week. Skip still feels the need to know what we are having but I'm still leaning toward not finding out till the baby is born. I told Skip he could find out if he had to, but I know he would tease me non-stop about it till the baby's born, so I guess I'll find out...or maybe not...