June 24, 2009

Not the Best Wake Up Call

My wake up call this morning consisted of...

A Water Bottle...
Cold Water...
My Head

Need I say more

June 22, 2009

My Handsome Knight

Eric turned 4 on Sat! 4 can you believe it?! I hardly can- where has the time gone! On the Eve of the kids Birthday's, before Skip and I go to bed, we decorate with streamers and balloons. So when Eric woke up on his birthday he had a bunch of balloons in his room. Bright and early I hear Eric yelling "It's my Birthday! I have balloons!" And then we hear the little voice of Lily yelling "Balloons! Balloons!" Eric came running into our room yelling "Wake up, wake up! It's my Birthday and there are balloons. Skip and I rolled out of bed and followed Eric out (and went to rescue Lily from her crib) We had French Toast for breakfast and then it was present time. Eric got so excited about his presents and would say "This is great!" after each one he opened.

Eric told us that he wanted to go to the beach, so we grabbed our swimsuits and towels and headed off to the beach. We had a great time! Luckily we got there early enough to really enjoy it before it got to busy. We had Eric's favorite lunch, chicken nuggets and french fries and cupcakes and ice cream...yummy.

We sure had a fun day. It's hard for me to believe that Eric is already 4 years old. He is such a great kid and I love him with all my heart. Sure he can be really frustrating at times but what kid can't. He is the most loving and caring little boy I know.
Happy Happy Birthday Eric- My Handsome Knight!

June 20, 2009

Super Hero's

Eric has been asking for about a month and a half now if I would make him a Super Hero cape. We finally went to Joann's so the kids could pick out fabric. Eric of course had to have his favorite color- orange. Lily of course went for the pink.

Super Hero Stance

Ready to Fly! And they do...they run around the house (super fast) chasing each other yelling Super Eric and Super Lily!

5 Whole Years!

Skip and I have now been married for 5 years! Where has the time gone?! To celebrate our Anniversary we ditched the kids (for the 1st time overnight) and headed up to Orlando. We got there around 8:30pm so we headed over to City Walk- it's basically a bunch of shops, restaurants and bars, and walked around for a little bit. On Sat we got to... gasp...sleep in past 7:00! It was great! We spent the day at Universal Studios and Universal Island of Adventures. It was so much fun! It's been awhile since Skip and I have had a whole day to ourselves, with something fun to do. There were times when I wished the kids were with us because I knew they would love to see some of the stuff, but then I would hear a kid crying and I was glad we didn't have to worry about that! We road all kinds of crazy roller coasters. After the first one- The Hulk- I wasn't sure if I still liked roller coasters! But we went on a few more and I do like them. Universal Studios has a bunch of 3-D rides/shows so basically the only picture we got the whole day was of us in the awesome 3-D glasses.

I kept telling Skip we needed to "borrow" a pair cause he looked super hot in them!

It was such a great trip! Hopefully next time we can make it longer then a day!

Stake Temple Day

On June 5th we had a Stake Temple Day up in Orlando. We did a kid swap with some of the other families in the ward. It was great being able to go to the Temple with Skip. After we were finished at the Temple we headed over to Downtown Disney to have some fun as a family.

Eric and Lily were pretty excited to see Cinderella

There is an awesome restaurant called T-Rex where they have some huge Dinosaurs. Eric and Lily loved it! Specially Eric who is into Dinosaurs these days. Although he wasn't to sure about being up next to this one for a picture.

She's just so stinkin cute.

A Great Way to Spend $20 Bucks!

In Florida it's really too hot to do much outside if water isn't involved. The kids love to play outside so instead of having to go do to the pool more then once a day to cool off, we got our own little pool. So far it has provided hours of cool entertainment! Thanks to Target we were able to get 2 mats, a pool, 2 boats, 2 packs of bath toys and 2 happy kids all for $20!

Lily just loves being able to run around with only a diaper on. And usually that doesn't even stay on very long.

Eric hording all the toys. Even though his toys have an E on them he still likes to take them all away from Lily and hide them.