February 12, 2010

Make it STOP!

Seriously the look on Lily's face cracks me up every time I see it...

Pee Wee Baseball

For the past 6 weeks Eric has been in a Pee Wee Baseball class. He has learned all the fundamentals of baseball. Last night it was the last night, so they played kids vs. parents. Then they had an award ceremony.
Eric has loved learning how to play baseball, and it's been fun for Skip and I to help teach him. Not only did he get a team t-shirt, he got a bat and ball set, and a medal. He is so excited about the bat and ball.
Next up is basketball

February 11, 2010

I HEART Projects!

I love to have projects to work on...sometimes it keeps me out of trouble (unless I have to go to Joann's...)Now that I have more space- I have more to do...here are a few things that I have been up to...
A little $5 dollar wall art in the dining room Finally got my big clock made...now I just have to get it up on the right wall
New curtains for all the wonderful windows in the new townhouse...still working on covering up the ugly vertical blinds on the sliding glass door. My favorite- a new dress for Lily made out of a men's $5 t-shirt. All she wants to wear these days are Eric's t-shirts- drives me crazy so when I let her pick out a "daddy size" t-shirt it was a dream come true (for both of us)

I know
I know this is a totally bragging post, just want to show Mom all the stuff I've been talking about...

February 2, 2010

Table Makeover

Our table has been looking a little shabby, and the chairs from having messy child eaters, have defiantly seen better days. I've recovered the chairs before but it's impossible to keep them clean with the kids- so it was high time for a makeover. Here are the before and afters...

I found this super cute oilcloth online- so now I don't have to worry about stains- I just wipe spills right off! LOVE IT!!!! Plus I got rid of the little handles on top of the chairs- they would leave marks all over the wall.

I love black furniture! You can't tell very well but it's distressed around the edges and on top a little bit

I love how a little paint and some new fabric make it seem like I have all new furniture!