September 14, 2011

Cup-A-Cakes and a Cast

This last weekend was CRAZY!!! Beyond crazy. Saturday we went to Skip's sister's house for her sons 3rd birthday. While there I fell down the stairs- wouldn't have been that big a deal except I was holding Evie at the time. Poor thing was screaming her head off. I got her to calm down then I had to leave to go make almost 900 cupcakes for a huge event at the Eccles Center in Ogden. Skip stopped by the kitchen on his was home so that I could feed Evie- she was not a happy camper. I HAD to stay and cook cupcakes so Skip took the kids on home. Skip called me later and said he was taking Evie to the ER cause she cried every time he touched her leg. Turns out she broke her femur right above her knee...and now has a lovely cast for the next 4 weeks...want to earn WORST MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD...just fall down the stairs and break your child! I feel so sorry for my poor Evie. She hates sitting still and now she is semi-stuck. Needless to say there have been sleepless nights since Sat! Luckily she had her wonderful Daddy to take care of her- while I was off baking and frosting.
Sat and Sun nights were spent in the kitchen with Eva and Ashley. On Sat Eva and I were able to get all but 14 dozen cupcakes done before I had to leave to get home to Evie. Sat night we got down to the frosting Luckily my 2 younger sisters ROCK...Monday was the day of the big event. The tables were set up different than I thought they would so I didn't get to decorate the table with all by cute pennant banners that I made to hang between the cake stands(that my wonderful/talented husband made for me) but it still turned out cute enough.On the Cup-A-Cake menu...Oreo Truffle, Double Chocolate Vanilla, Strawberry Shortcake, Cherry Chocolate, and Chocolate Carmel Next up...using my leftover supplies to make cupcakes for the community yard sale this weekend :-)