January 29, 2009

Making Us Laugh

Eric is a super funny little guy. He is always saying and doing funny stuff- and the past few days he has been extra funny, and I just had to pass the laughs along.

Yesterday my friend Kristen was over and she was playing with Eric and the many balloons we have hanging around from Skip's graduation party. Kristen asked Eric where his head was. He stopped what he was doing and said...
E- "I don't know."
K- "You don't know where your head is?"
Eric smiled and bent over to point to his back and said "Is it on my back? Nooooo. Is it on my shoulders? There it is! (Pointing to his head) I found my head!"

Today when I picked Eric up from school he informed me that he needed a hamburger. Eric never wants a hamburger- he is a chicken nugget guy.
"Well Eric we need to go and get your haircut."
"No Mom, I need a hamburger."
"Lets go get your haircut and then maybe we can go and get a hamburger."
"No Mom, I want a hamburger, not a haircut."
"Okay, if we go and get a hamburger then do you want to get a haircut."
"No, I want a hamburger first."
"Okay lets go get a hamburger. Do you want a cheeseburger?"
"No a hamburger."
So I got his hamburger and before I knew it Eric had polished off his hamburger and was asking for another one! By then we had pulled up to Sports Clips. Lily had only eaten half of her hamburger and as soon as I had Eric's car seat unbuckled he had grabbed the remainder of Lily's hamburger and was shoving it in his mouth.

And then at dinner tonight I was telling Skip that Eric and I get to make a valentine mailbox for his class party. Skip asked Eric if he was going to get all his girlfriends valentines. Eric said yes. We laughed and Skip said, "How many girlfriends do you have Eric?" Eric stopped eating held up his hand and started counting his fingers. I have one, two, three, four, five, six. Six girlfriends! I just about started crying from laughing so hard.

My little guy keeps me laughing. He is as sweet as can be! I am so lucky to have such a special little guy in my life!

January 26, 2009

Congrats Skip!

HE DID IT! Skip has finished school as of last night! I just wanted to take a moment and say how extremely proud of Skip I am. He has worked so hard to finish with school. He spends all day working out in the hot sun and then would have to come home and stay up late doing school work. Whenever we would go away- his laptop would follow along so that Skip could do homework, reading, whatever had to be done. I admire him for his persistence and his determination. We keep joking that he's going to get bored with nothing to do now. But now he has a chance to read all the books he got for Christmas 2 years ago. (I'm just glad I get my husband back!) I think Skip is wonderful! Great job Babe! Love Ya!

January 22, 2009

Just a little chilly...

I got up this morning to go running and the thermometer in my car said it was 39 degrees! Yeah I know that for most of you- it's not that cold and you've had colder but for Florida that's freakin' cold! There was even a freeze advisory on the news this morning! So I am taking this time to enjoy the change in weather and start to prepare myself for the fact that by the end of this year (if all goes according to plan and we are back out west) I will be frozen. It will be pointless to try and get me to come outside next winter because my thinned out-finally adjusted to Florida tropical weather- will be frozen and I will be unable to move! But honestly I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!

January 13, 2009

Booooo Kodak

So I used my camera all day on Fri and Sat and it worked just fine. I went to take a picture of Lily Sun morning and the camera wouldn't work! I would push the on button and the only thing that would happen was Lens Error 113,0,0,0 would appear on the screen and then it would shut off. I called Kodak yesterday to see what could be done, it was pretty lame...this is what went down...

I told the guy the problem...

So your camera won't turn on?

No- the only thing that happens is Lens Error 113,0,0,0 comes on the screen then it shuts off.

So you think there is an error with the Lens?

Umm yes that would be the problem.

So does the Lens not move at all when you push the on button?

No it doesn't move at all.

It doesn't pop out or move at all?

Nooooooo, it doesn't move at all.

Yes, it sounds like there might be a problem with the lens. Your warranty is up, you know.

Yeah, I know the warranty is up, but can the camera be fixed?

Yes, you can send it in to one of our repair shops for only $65 dollars and an additional $10.50 for shipping.

Seriously? It's not even that good of a camera.

Oh...silence...I'm sorry. Well you could mail in your camera to a Kodak recycling center and then you will receive a $50 dollar coupon to use toward any Kodak product.

Yeah no. With all the trouble I've had with this camera I'm not going to buy another Kodak camera.

Oh...silence...so did you want the information to mail your camera in to be repaired?

Nope. Goodbye.

The first Kodak camera that I had was awesome! It took great, clear pictures. And the printer that it came with was great also. So when I had a total pregnant moment and threw the camera in the washer with all the sheets, I went and got another Kodak camera, one that was "a step up from the camera I had." It was not a step up at all! So to make a long story short- now I'm out of a camera.

January 12, 2009

Eric's First Camping Trip

This last Friday night we took the YW for an overnight camping trip. (You can't really call it camping here in FL. We were in the middle of town, at a park behind a fire station. But there were tents, a camp fire and smores so it was as good as it gets here in Florida!) Eric got to go along with me and he had a blast!Eric loved going in the tents- any tent that was left open, Eric had to check out!
Marina is helping Eric with his cupcake- we had a surprise for all the girls with Dec and Jan birthdays. Eric was more then happy to join in the celebrating. Funny kid only ate the frosting and gave me the cake part.
Eric showing the girls how to toast/burn marshmallows. He knew that if he wanted more marshmallows he should ask the girls cause mean ol' Mom kept trying to cut him off!
We had so much fun! Eric usually is in bed sleeping by 7;30 each night but was still going strong at 10:30! He had a great time eating smores and hanging out with the Young Women (he is quite the ladies man- and has majority of the girls wrapped around his little finger!) Even though he was up till 11:00 he woke up at 6! He then got to help start the fire. Since there was a fire station right behind the campsite we went over to say hello and check out the fire truck. He is a huge fan of Fire Trucks thanks to Uncle Glenn!
Sneaky little guy got himself a leftover cupcake for breakfast!
After breakfast was over and it was time to clean up Eric was a great helper! He went from tent to tent and told the girls to get out and clean up! Some of the girls were being a little slow so he would stand by their tent telling them to clean up till they came out. It was alot of fun! I can't wait to take Eric camping again!
Lily loved her one on one time with Daddy! She didn't want anything to do with me for the rest of the day- she only wanted her Daddy!

January 3, 2009

Alligator Alley and Sanibel Island

On Friday Skip took the day off so we took a family trip to the West Coast of Florida to Sanibel Island. To get to Sanibel Island you drive I-75 aka Alligator Alley. Along the side of the road (behind a fence) you can see Alligators laying out in the sun. Here is a picture of one we stopped to look at (plus Eric was in need of a potty break)

Sanibel Island was awesome. It was lots of fun and relaxing. Once we got to the beach we decided to stay in the truck and eat lunch before we got out. Eric was so excited about getting seashells and swimming in the ocean that he didn't want to eat lunch and was bouncing around the back of the truck. I told him he needed to get his swim suit on before we could go onto the beach. Eric promptly started to strip. I looked back to see if he was getting his swimsuit on to find him standing on the seat with his bare butt pressed up against the window. Yeah he totally mooned a lady standing by the car next to us! Skip and I couldn't stop laughing and Eric kept telling us it's not funny- stop laughing!
One of the really cool things about Sanibel Island is that the beach is covered with millions of seashells. There were seashells everywhere! There were some areas that you couldn't see any sand there were so many shells.

Lily loved picking up shells. And as soon as she would find one she would run to Skip or I to show it to us. Here she is, running to show me a shell she found with Skip. She wouldn't let me add her shells to the bucket either, I tried and she reached in and grabbed it back!

Skip had a fun time burying Eric in the sand. Eric had fun too until he couldn't get out. Eric wasn't into the seashells as much as Lily was. he loved running along the beach and swimming in the ocean. I swear the only time we could get him to sit down the whole afternoon was by burying him!

We had a great day together!

It really was a fun day. Eric and Lily loved running into the water and then run screaming when a wave came in! It was a great day. One of the things I enjoy most about being a Mom is seeing my kids having fun and laughing. Andof course it was great to spend the day with Skip. Hopefully we will get to take more family day trips this year.

Bring on the New Year!

So for the first time ever in our married life Skip and I stayed up till midnight and I have to say- I don't get it. Why is it such a big deal to stay up till midnight? I guess if you were going to a big party then it would be different, but we just watched a movie played a couple card games (I won both games- sorry Skip) and then watched the ball drop. Yeah I even forgot to go and buy the sparkling apple cider. Don't get me wrong it was totally fun hanging out with my hubby! But being sleep deprived all the next day...not so fun. I think I'll stick to my 10pm bed time.

I am very excited about this year! It's going to be a GREAT one! Skip will finish school at the end of this month! Hip Hip Hooray! I will get my husband back! For the past 2 years as soon as dinner is over he goes off to do his homework. but at the end of this month he's mine again. I'm really proud of him. He works sooooooooooo hard all day and then he gets to come home and work on school work...no fun at all. Once he has his degree then he gets to apply for a job in Fort Collins, CO. Hopefully it will all work out and we will get to move back to the wild wild west this summer. Oh how wonderful that will be! To be closer to my family! To get to start all over again in a new place, new job, new friends...how exciting! We will just have to wait and see how everything pans out...but I'm going to make it the BEST year possible!