November 29, 2011

4 going on 14

Lily is now 4 years old! She acts much older than 4 and since she is so stinkin' tall everyone always thinks she is older than she really is. We like to keep things simple around here on birthdays- we had family over for dinner and cake. Lily helped me pick out what her cake would look like- and since she calls herself the little cupcake girl- it was made of cupcakesLily can be a little stinker but I don't know what I'd do without my little sweet pea. She is growing to fast and before I know it she really will be a teenager. One of the funniest things about Lily is that she doesn't really like wearing jeans. She calls them cold pants- because they are cold when you first put them on. Give her a pair of stretchy pants and she'll be happy. She is really starting to get into dress up and princess stuff but also loves to play cars and fight with Eric. She's a wonderful Little girl and has quite the personality. LOVE her!

November 2, 2011

View From The Window

We moved into a basement apartment and this is what I see when I look out the kitchen window...The kids have already gotten to help feed the sheep, horses and chickens. They thought it was the coolest thing ever...untill Lily got poop on her princess shoes...


I had a dozen gift baskets to make for a client so Skip helped the kids carve pumpkins this year. Lily was so funny- every time she put her hand into her pumpkin to clean it out she would go ewwww ewwww ewwww.
Eric wouldn't even put his hand in.
This year we had a superhero...
A Ladybug...
And A Little Lamb...They had so much fun trick or treating. Eric would yell to us how many pieces of candy he got after each house. Lily was a little timid at first but it didn't take long before she was sprinting from door to door. Once again another time I LOVE being a Mom!


We got to take the kids to Lagoon this past weekend. Skip got free tickets from the University of Phoenix so the whole day only cost us $8 for slurpies! We had a blast! It was a little cold when we got there but by the end of the day the sun had warmed things up a bit.It was so wonderful that there were so many rides the kids could go on. The kids loved it! And Eric LOVED going on all the roller coasters with Skip...he is one brave little boy!His favorite ride was the Fire Dragon...because it had loop de loops.Evie was in such a good mood. She was totally content just hanging out in her stroller all day people watching. She did get to go on one ride...the merry go round and she loved it.We had such a great day together. One of my favorite parts of being a Mom is watching my kids laughing and having a great time.