December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Christmas was Awesome!

December 19, 2009

Bed Time...

Too tired to walk all the way to her own bed, Lily decided to take her baby dolls bed for a quick nap

Winter Wonderland Getaway

We got to go out to Utah to enjoy some cold weather and an early Christmas with Family. Eric loved the snow! I had to bribe him with hot chocolate to get him inside to warm up. Lily loved the snow too- she just didn't want to play in it as long as Eric did. I finally got Eric to lay down and make snow angels. He would make one, jump up look at it, then hurry an lay down to make another. He made a whole line of them across the lawn We put them both to work shoveling all that snow We got to decorate gingerbread cookies and a house with Aunt Ashley The cookies look almost as big as the kids!
Skip's Nana came from Washington state, to meet the kids and I. She is an awesome lady!
We had a Christmas party with Skip's family- but I forgot to get my camera out. We had a wonderful dinner, sang carols, told stories and opened presents. And they were sweet enough to surprise me with a birthday cake. Thanks guys!!! The night before we left to come home Mom made my all time favorite Chicken Casserole, and they surprised me with a tummy chocolate yule log, and presents for my birthday. It was the best!
We got to hang out with our good friend Zach, see Christmas lights at Thanksgiving Point, visit with our friends the Christensen's, shop, and hang out with family. Poor kids got bad colds and Lily got to make a trip to a clinic to check her ears, sure enough poor thing had an ear infection. The plane ride home was not fun for her at all! But she is feeling better now.
It was a wonderful trip, nice and cold, but way too short! We love you guys!!!!!

Merry Christmas!

December 2, 2009

Holiday Baking Has Begun...

It's that time of the year for baking lots of goodies... Some of the dough made it to the oven... Santa even stopped by to check on the cookies...

Marianna Caverns

While we were in Tallahasse, Mike and Annette took us to Florida Caverns State Park in Marianna. It has been forever since I have gone in a cavern and this was a first for Eric and Lily. At first Eric was scared that there would be bats, and that it would be too dark (not quite sure when the scared of the dark thing started). but once we got down in the caverns, and as long as he had a firm hold of Daddy's hand- he loved it Lily ony wanted to hold Uncle Mike's hand We had a great time. Thanks Annette, Mike, Bryan and Michelle!


We had a great Thanksgiving up in Tallahassee with the Ladle gang this year. It was nice and relaxing, and a great little get away. The food was great! Eric was most excited about the rolls...I think he had at least 4 at dinner. Lily has found a new love... As soon as she finished what was in her mouth, it was wide open and ready for more. She would've eaten a whole can by herself.
Early Friday morning Skip, (yes I got Skip to go shopping with 5am!)Annette, Bryan, Kristen and I headed over to Target for some bargain shopping. Skip was such a trooper. Unfortunately I didn't get my camera out enough to photo document our adventures.
We have so much to be thankful for, I'm not even going to try and list them all!