December 31, 2012


Things were a little busy this year. I was trying to get a 10 page research paper done between Christmas activities, nursing, and taking care of the kids, so I'm behind and we didn't get nearly as much Christmas stuff done. Didn't even make it to Temple Square for the lights! However we did go see the Christmas Village and Santa in Ogden.
Eric was in the winter chior at school this year. I was so proud of him. He had to be at school an hour early every tues and thurs to practice, and he stuck with it. He was AWESOME during the performace.
This is what we woke up to on Christmas Eve...
Silly Jake must've been really tired when he decided to wrap the tree with T.P. since he didn't realize it was the last roll in the house. Christmas Eve was wonderful spent with family, sugar cookies and rice krispy houses. We had a wonderful dinner and Dad told us the story of the Christmas Train.
Evie did one too but majority of the candy ended up in her mouth. Christmas Eve was wonderful- Skip and I eneded up staying up a little late, but it was worth it for the kids faces on Christmas morning!

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